The Silence of Stone

by Andrea Busfield
Set in Austria, this page turning Alpine thriller combines the elements of a ghost story, a mystery and a romance. The story was inspired by the author’s own personal experiences living in an isolated area in Austria and of the dedication of a local dog mountain rescue team. A chilling multi-level exploration of loss, of romance with a twist of Austrian humour. Read More...
A chilling exploration of loss – of a romance, of a family member, of one’s dreams or of a way of life.

What if you woke up in the morning to find the world utterly transformed? What if a wrong turn took you to a strange, unknown place? What if the
barrier between the real and the impossible proved to be much more fragile than anybody could possibly have imagined?. A collection of interconnected short stories based in the real world, but slowly slipping into the fantastical.  Read More...

Set in a number of locations including the UK, Paris, Venice and the States with Eastern European/Central European influences.

Digging Up Milton

by Jennifer Wallace

This unique new novel is an extraordinary act of literary necromancy that was inspired by Philip Neve's 1790 pamphlet regarding the disinterment of John Milton's coffin. Intrigued by questions left unanswered, Wallace developed an illuminating narrative capturing the boisterous, bawdy life of the 18th century London streets in a tale of greed, guilt and a paradise lost that will not only spark the interest of Milton scholars and fans but will also have a wider audience appeal.

London, 1790: John Milton, one of Britain’s greatest poets, has been dead for over a century. Lizzie Grant, gravedigger, wife and entrepreneur, is very much alive.  more...

Digging Up Milton by author Jennifer Wallace Book Cover. Cillian Press


by Frances Vick

Carl Howell is dead, passing like a wave through the lives of his friends. A brilliant singer, a loved son, a hated rival, a meal ticket, a soulmate, Carl means different things to different people - how can they continue without him? Chinaski takes a look at the music industry, the fans and the vampires, and asks, what can we really know about our icons? Read more...

Front Cover - CHINASKI by Frances Vick

Rumour and suspicion engulf an eerily fog-bound town as its residents begin to receive tickets promising passage across the mist-shrouded bay to the mysterious ‘other side’. For Alex and his family, this seems like the beginning of a great adventure, but as reports of a shadowy, half-glimpsed ship start to circulate, so too does the gossip and anxious speculation.

Dreamlike and immersive, it’s a pantomime nightmare, surreal, terrifying and hilarious, full of masks and metamorphoses. It’s a world seen through the eyes of children, magical, kaleidoscopic and incomprehensible.. Read More...

From the acclaimed Welsh author of The Sleepwalkers Ball, book cover (medium) for the latest novel by Alan Bilton - The Known and Unknown Sea

Suffering the Fire

by Barry Hotson

An explosion at a chemical plant and sixteen men lose their lives. Eight year old Michael will never see his father again. Inspired by true events, this is one man’s deeply moving journey into the past as he uncovers the truth about his father’s death and his mother’s life.

A journey of understanding, uncovering of past secrets in an explosive narrative of deception and betrayal. Read More...

Front Cover - Suffering the Fire by Barry Hotson.


by Jeremy Hughes

Set in America, England and Wales, Wingspan consists of two stories fifty years apart, of quest and discovery, secrets and mysteries, love and death, betrayal and fidelity.
In September 1943 an American Flying Fortress returning from a mission crashes in Wales. A farmer is first on the scene to discover that its crew of ten have all perished. When the police arrive, only nine bodies are recovered, and so the mystery of the pilot begins.

The pilot is stationed in Suffolk long enough to meet and marry Gail, and together they have a son. It is only when Gail dies just before the son’s fiftieth birthday that he feels able to search for the father he didn’t know. Discovering that his father died in Wales, the son sets out to find the crash site. It is the beginning of a physical and emotional journey which will change him fundamentally. Read More...

Historical Novel - Wingspan

Word on the Street

by Romy Wood

A darkly comic reflection on homelessness, life writing and dermatology.

The papers call it ‘Tramp Flu’ but the doctors don’t know what to call it. Homeless people are dying and the government is scrambling for an answer…and then suddenly ‘The Public’ is no longer immune. A pretty little schoolgirl is in hospital. Which seems not quite right to shelter worker Shona and the (unspoken) love of her life Dan, because the homeless people are in a make-shift clinic in a warehouse on an industrial estate.

Shona’s love for Dan, and unlikely but tender friendships with newly-homeless Fflur and socially inept Colin, are set against the continually worsening epidemic, and their efforts to be both detectives and political campaigners. Read More...

Book: Word on the Street

At the pool-side, the evening breeze is fragrant with the scent of grilled lobster and designer sun-block. Two German girls in starched white uniforms, buttoned up as tight as Barbie dolls, are serving champagne to the guests. Dave Leaper sips his drink and dreams of death and vengeance. At a clinic in Southern Europe a group of young film-makers are recreating the songs, the slogans and the idealism of the years of revolution, while an old man, mummified by wealth and power, watches them and pays the bills. He pays and pays, missing nothing. Flirting at the Funeral is a story about love, money, and lost opportunities, ranging across Europe against a background of financial crisis, terrorism and the power of the super-rich. Read More...

Front Book Cover - Medium - Flirting at the Funeral by Chris Keil.

Given the Choice

By Susan Sellers

Marion, 39, has a lot going for her. She’s talented, ambitious and married to a wealthy financier who adores her. She’s also capable of lying when the odds seem stacked up against her and is a good deal more vulnerable than she lets on. Amidst the glamour and spin of the contemporary London art andclassical music worlds, money rules and an artist’s skill is rarely enough. Marion’s top clients – a brilliant French painter and a virtuoso Estonian pianist – benefit from her entrepreneurial flair, but when her husband says it’s time they had a child, this contrary heroine faces a tough choice.

Will Marion become ensnared in the web of deceit she has cast round herself? Or can she learn enough to save her business and her marriage? In this new novel by the award-winning author of Vanessa and Virginia, it is you, the reader, who decides. Read More...

Book Cover 750px - Given the Choice by Susan Sellers

Tregarthur's Promise

by Alex Mellanby

Young Adults Series - Book 1

The Journey Begins...

A school hiking expedition is hijacked by Miss Tregarthur, driven by her dreadful Promise. Her plan unravels when she is injured and the hikers find themselves alone and transported to a time before history. Alvin and Jenna lead the fight to survive and battle with the vicious bully Zach and his followers. Disease, death and disaster follow them as they try to decipher the Promise and search for the way back home. But Miss Tregarthur has not played her last game. Read More...

Book Cover Tregathur's Promise by Alex Mellanby (Book 1) The Tregarthurs Series

Tregarthur's Revenge

by Alex Mellanby

Young Adults Series - Book 2

After escaping their troubles at home, Alvin and Jenna believed they were safe. They hadn’t counted on the return of Zach, ex-school bully turned murderer and his caveman army.
Forced through the tunnel they find themselves back on Dartmoor – except that this is definitely not the 21st century. Read More...

Front Cover - Tregarthur's Revenge (Book 2 of the Tregarthur's Series)

Tregarthur's Prisoners

by Alex Mellanby

Young Adults Series - Book 3

In 18th century Britain sheep rustling was punishable by hanging or deportation. Neither seem a good alternative to Alvin, who is still trying to work out how he and his friends got caught up in this mess. In Tregarthur’s Prisoners they may be getting closer to present day but they are further from Dartmoor than they’ve ever been before. Read More...

Tregarthurs Prisoners (Book 3) The Tregarthur's Series by Alex Mellanby

Tregarthur's Crystal

by Alex Mellanby

Young Adults Series - Book 4

As they start to uncover the full horror of Miss Tregarthur’s mind they realise how far she will go to control time. Will Alvin escape the future she has planned? The forth and penultimate book in the Tregarthur’s Series. Read More...

Tregarthurs Crystal by Alex Mellanby

Tregarthur's Legacy

by Alex Mellanby

Young Adults Series - Book 5

Miss Tregarthur is dead. Alvin and Jenna watched her die, drawn into the ground by the Hanging Stones. But in death, Miss Tregarthur is more powerful than ever.
Caught up in the never ending war that is raging across France, Alvin and Jenna must find a way to break Miss Tregarthur’s grip on the past.

This time it’s about more than their own survival; this time it’s about the future. Read More...

Tregarthurs Legacy by Alex Mellanby

Blinded by the Light

by Joe Kipling

Young Adults - The Union Trilogy - 1

Protected by the Boundary and guided by the Light MaryAnn enjoys a life of privilege, safe from the Feral Echoes who roam the Outside.  It doesn’t matter that her friends can sometimes be cruel or the boy she likes just threw up on her shoes . . . . it’s all about being noticed at the right parties.

It takes a single event to rip her life apart.

Young Adult novel examines key themes of death and coming to terms with loss, the abuse of power, discrimination and the fear of the unknown. Read More...

750px Med Book Cover - Blinded by the Light by Joe Kipling

Light the Way

by Joe Kipling

Young Adults - The Union Trilogy - 2

In the near future, when the world’s population has been decimated by disease, the fortunate few live inside the Boundary, while the unlucky ones are left to die on the Outside. Having escaped the tyranny of the Neighbourhood inside the Boundary, now under the protection of the Union, MaryAnn Hunter is slowly re-building her life as a fugitive on the Outside. Read More...

Light the Way by Joe Kipling. The Union Trilogy. Book 2