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We are an independent publisher based in Manchester, North West England specialising in a wide range of quality fiction including literary novels, contemporary, young adult and adult literature. Our commitment to help our authors achieve success extends to both new and previously published authors.

Since our humble beginnings in 2012, the Cillian brand has extended to three core divisions: our independent book publishing operations, professional editing services and our domain and website hosting services. Our commitment to help authors achieve success is what drives us. These three groups were established with a specific aim to generate exposure and help showcase new and emerging authors at their very best.

In recent years the publishing industry has evolved and has seen a rapid transition from traditional print to digital, media-rich content, resulting in an innovative transformation within the print industry and ‘one click’ access to a global audience. We have embraced these latest print-technology innovations and include provisions for digital publishing to multiple e-Book readers globally.

As an independent publisher, we at Cillian Press care about the quality of what we publish, seeking new and original voices, individual thinking and provide exclusive attention to our authors with a personalised marketing strategy for each piece of work. Our commitment is to give each publication its every chance for success. With our passion for high-quality books, our dedicated team and a personalised approach to our authors, we believe that Cillian Press will forge a long lasting relationship with our authors.

We are currently building our list of titles to be published. If you are an existing author looking for a more personalised service, or perhaps a first time author looking for an experienced publisher, click here to submit your material.

A big welcome from all at Cillian Press.

Our History


  • 2012

    Cillian Press, an independent publisher starts its operations in Manchester debuting with Chris Keil’s third novel Flirting at the Funeral proving acclaimed success.

  • 2013

    The Press continues to sign new authors specialising in a wide range of quality fiction including literary novels, contemporary, young adult and adult literature.

  • 2013

    Our first appearance at Hay Literary Festival. Susan Seller is interviewed by Radio 3's The Verb 'Cabaret of the Word' presented by Ian McMillan. Guests also included the author Philip Pullman, playwright and poet Hannah Silva and the writer Beverley Nambozo.

  • 2014

    We further develop our author websites by setting up our own internal hosting services

  • 2018

    With continued success and touring the UK on book launches and other book events we continue to grow signing prominent authors - Susan Sellers (Given the Choice), Jo Kipling (The Union Trilogy), Romy Wood (Word on the Street), Jeremey Hughes (Wingspan), Barry Hotson (Suffering the Fire), Frances Vick (Chinaski), Alan Bilton (The Known and Unknown Sea), Alex Mellanby Tregarthur’s Series, Andrea Busfield (The Silence of Stone)

  • 2018

    Cillian expands its publishing operation to include external Cillian Editing Services that will later allow emerging authors access to our Editors

  • 2020

    Cillian Web Services becomes the third expansion of the Cillian brand having moved our hosted sites to more faster and secure servers.


We are currently not seeking submissions at the moment. For further information please follow this link to find out more including submission guidelines.

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