Tregarthur’s Prisoners


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Alex Mellanby - Author of the Tregarthur's Series


Alex Mellanby

Alex Mellanby would claim that failure to pay a previous GMC registration was not necessarily a bad thing for humanity!

Previously, as a doctor, he had experience across many different fields of medicine with research papers published on school health education and infectious disease prevention. This all changed when an unexpected stroke forced him to hand in his stethoscope and swap it out for a notebook to embark into a successful new writing career. He developed a draft version of the Tregarthur’s Series and submitted it to the Times Chicken House competition. It gained genuine interest which inspired him to later iron out many technical issues. He completed an MA in creative writing at the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, and having made endless refinements the first book in the series was published by Cillian Press. Having quickly gained a strong band of fans with his series of teenage fiction books, he has given up any pretence of doctoring except to over-diagnose his own hypochondriacal illnesses. The Tregarthur’s Series series was inspired by the timeless nature of walks on Dartmoor. His latest novel is Not Forever (Matador). Alex currently lives just outside Cambridge, UK.

Book 3

Tregarthur's Prisoners

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-909776-14-2 eBook: 978-1-909776-15-9

In 18th century Britain sheep rustling was punishable by hanging or deportation. Neither seem a good alternative to Alvin, who is still trying to work out how he and his friends got caught up in this mess. In Tregarthur’s Prisoners they may be getting closer to present day but they are further from Dartmoor than they’ve ever been before.

Tumbling through the twists of time, can Alvin escape the hangman’s noose? But as Miss Tregarthur tries to destroy them all, the tunnel is beginning to give up its secrets.

Contemporary Fiction - Young Adults Book Series

The Tregarthur's Series

The Tregarthur’s Series, was inspired by the Ten Tors Challenge, a two day annual event organised by the Army, for 2,400 teenagers to visit ten tors across Dartmoor, UK. A modern day Lord of the Flies, the books follow a group of teenagers who find themselves cut off from the adult world in an unfamiliar environment.

It's an adventurous five-book young adult fiction series about survival and self discovery. Inspired by the dark timelessness and unpredictable vast landscape of Dartmoor National Park in Southern England, a group of school children on a hiking expedition unleash an unknown power, transporting them through time, to a world beyond anything they have experienced. Cut off from the adult world in unfamiliar environments, the series chronicles their adventures as they desperately try to return home.

Each book in the series involves travel to a different time, where the group has to survive using skills and knowledge they have gained from their old life. On a journey from the prehistoric age of the Neanderthals to the 14th century Black Death; from the Convict ships of the 18th century to the more recent discoveries of Marie Curie, the group are drawn back to the strange stones of Dartmoor.

In the final book, Tregarthur’s Legacy, the remaining members of the group are caught up in a never ending war that is raging across a WWI stricken France. In this explosion of past events, Mellanby has yet again delivered a powerful story with themes pertinent to young adults intertwined with mystery, historical fact and adventure that has delighted his growing readership.

Can Alvin and Jenna survive? Will they save their companions? Why does Alice Tregarthur want them all to die? Is this just about her or is there a larger force involved, something dark and timeless from the moor?

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