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Jeremy Hughes


Jeremy Hughes

Jeremy Hughes was born in Crickhowell, south Wales.

He was awarded first prize in the Poetry Wales competition and his poetry was short-listed for an Eric Gregory Award. He has published two pamphlets - breathing for all my birds (2000) and The Woman Opposite (2004) - and has published poetry, short fiction, memoir and reviews widely in British and American magazines. He studied for the Master's in creative writing at the University of Oxford.  His first novel Dovetail was published in 2011.

Contemporary Fiction


In September 1943 an American Flying Fortress returning from a bombing mission crashes in Wales.

A farmer is first on the scene to discover that its crew of ten have all perished. When the police arrive, only nine bodies are recovered. A lifetime later a son goes looking for the father he never knew, climbing steep hillsides into deepening mysteries of time and loss.

Set in America, England and Wales, Wingspan tells two intertwined stories separated by fifty years and a thousand miles of ocean - stories of pursuit and discovery, love and war, bereavement and remembering.

Historical Novel - Wingspan


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